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Frequently asked questions

Price depends on the cake design. So kindly share the design with our team so we can quote you the exact price
You have to place the order atleast 24 working hours. In case of tier cakes, 48 working hours. We do take emergency order and minimum time is 6 hours
Charges apply according to your location. Refer to Deliveries for detailed charges.
We deliver in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Other than these, special arrangements can be made for wedding cakes to be delivered outside the above listed cities. Pickup is possible from our outlets in Lahore and Islamabad.
Sure we can deliver in the cities we operate.
For ready made orders, you can place through our SHOP section. For customized products, refer to our MAKE TO ORDER page for details.
Kindly first provide us with the sample design so we can discuss. Then further details will be given.
You need to contact our Pickup/Deliveries department and inform them before time.
At present we have two bakery locations in Pakistan. Kindly refer to OUR BAKERIES page to check details
Minimum 4 cupcakes or 2 pounds for the cake.
At this time, we are not offering gluten-free cakes but will be surely consider introducing them in near future.
Our store timings are 10 am till 10 pm. In case of delay in pickup, kindly inform our team so we can make special arrangement for you
We deliver between 9:30 am till 12am (midnight).
Sure you can give us any design of your choice.
In case of cake, single flavor per tier (story). For cupcakes, you can order two flavors in pack of 6.
Currently, we are offering cookies, chocolates, macarons, brownies, standard cake pops, tarts etc. We can do savory too but it depends on the order quantity and slot availability.
Kindly visit REWARD CARD page for details
You can download the app “Perk up” and check by entering your reward card number or you can call our representative and get it checked.
Kindly enter your reward card number in the order form and mention in the special instructions box that you want to avail your discount.
Refer to FLAVORS and FILLINGS page for details. Our hot selling is Belgian Chocolate Fudge
No there is no such discount at the moment.
You can contact our Customer Service Team in this regard.
You can make advance payment through Cash at outlet, Bank Transfer, EasyPaisa.
We have different representatives for every account. A difference in price may appear due to this. Secondly, its better if you just about the price once, rather than asking again and again on different accounts.
Order can be cancelled latest by 12 pm a day before the order delivery date or 24hrs if order placed after 12pm a day before delivery date.
Our price varies with design. Range for cake is 1000-2000 per pound while for cupcake its 220-350 each
In most cases, we are able to capture the essence of a cake, but not all cakes are created exactly the same way, and our artistry may differ from what you have seen in a picture. We encourage you to send us pictures of cakes you like so we can incorporate various themes to make your creation as unique as your event.
Not yet but we will keep you informed.
I can bake a cake and cupcake myself. Sorry, you need to place an order with us of a cake/cupcake and then we can provide the figurine with it.
Kindly check your junk folder in the email-box for the confirmation email or call us and get confirmation directly.
Dial 03041116464 to know order status
Whatsapp us the image on 0312-9129696 with your name and enter all other details in the form.
They are already mentioned in our order form with their respective prices.
Sorry, Delivery Company refuses to take one with the order. But if you really want, then you can hire another company yourself and ask them to do it.
Cakes 3 or more tier require a metal stand that is placed inside the cake to keep it upright. The stand charges are Rs.1500 and is 100% refundable.
It depends on the quantity of the cupcakes. Additional charges will apply for such packaging
Sure we do. Charges are double for deliveries between 11:30 pm to 12 am
First you need to provide us with the sample cake design, then order will be discussed and further details will be provided.
Yes you can. Our representative will help you with it.
Well it depends on the temperature at which you are storing your cakes/cupcakes and the weather around. Specify your order details a bit so we can recommend whether you should or not.
Yes, in addition to beautiful tiered wedding cakes, we offer deconstructed wedding cakes, dessert tables and cupcake tree displays. We work closely with each couple and offer a dynamic selection of options they can mix and match to create the perfect look for a stunning and delicious dessert spread.
Kindly call 03041116464 and get delivery status details.
If there is a problem with an order you received, please call 03041116464. Appropriate action will be taken after evaluating everything. (Refunds may not be given for shipping delays caused by inclement weather, package refusal, and/or incomplete or incorrect delivery address etc).
Contact our team over WhatsApp 03129129696
You will not need to wait on the line; please just inform the team member at the register and they will be happy to help you
You will receive a confirmation email automatically or will receive an SMS at your provided number.
Sure you can but you need to inform us well before time.
You can come at our outlet and purchase any ready-to-go product at that time to have an idea about our taste and quality.

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