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Belgian Chocolate Fudge
Our Chocolate Fudge Cake is luxury at its best. Made with free range egg, rich Spanish cocoa and baked with love for the perfect chocolate sponge. Finished with a...
Rainbow Cake Rainbow Cake
Our Rainbow Cake combines various coloured layers of vanilla sponge sandwiched with a light and fluffy buttercream filling. Finished with buttercream and rainbow sprinkles.
Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Red Velvet with Cream Cheese
Our Red Velvet cake is a hybrid of vanilla and chocolate cake - the perfect cake for the undecided. Buttermilk is added to the mix...
Chocolate Oreo Cake Chocolate Oreo Cake
Our Chocolate Oreo Cake is a must try, made using premium grade flour, free range eggs and rich dark cocoa and baked with love for the perfect...
Strawberry Cream Cake Strawberry Cream Cake
Strawberry & Cream Cake has a light and fluffy consistency. Layered strawberry sponge is topped with a strawberry butter cream icing and dehydrated strawberries. It's a...
Caramel Latte Cake Caramel Latte Cake
Caramel Latte Cake uses our Nescafe medium roast espresso blend in its deliciously rich sponge and is combined with a dulce de leche and buttercream icing...
Belgian Chocolate Fudge Belgian Chocolate Fudge
Fluffy chocolate sponge with a light buttercream frosting in vanilla or chocolate. Vanilla frosting can be coloured a delightful blue, green, pink, orange, red or yellow. If you...
Death By Chocolate Cupcake
Rich gooey sponge with meringue filling inside and topped with pure Belgian Chocolate Frosting.  We bake our products fresh from scratch without any preservatives and with full of...
Chocolate Chip Cupcake
Fluffy chocolate sponge filled with chocolate filling and topped with chocolate frosting. Addition of chocolate chips makes experience amazing We bake our products fresh from...